Tucked away in South Richmond Hill’s last remaining pocket of beautiful, buildable land lies Observatory Hill; a place with an astonishing, inspiring history steeped in astronomy, education, and a simpler more neighbourly era. The site was originally chosen as the perfect spot to build a world-class observatory for its seclusion, beauty, and unobstructed view of the night sky; these attributes still resonate and that feeling will make for a wonderful place to live and raise a family. 

Living here will mean living in immediate vicinity of the David Dunlap Observatory –one of the area’s most treasured historical sites and attractions. It’s a spot that must be seen to believe. It’s absolutely striking in appearance, but perhaps its most important feature is its ability to instil a passion for knowledge in anyone that is lucky enough to experience it. Imagine giving your family the opportunity to live amongst that sort of positive, educational energy.

Although the observatory itself is a big neighbourhood highlight, the surrounding area is no slouch. From superior educational facilities including public, Catholic, and arts focused institutes, to vast dining options from around the world, exciting entertainment, convenient transit from both VIVA and GO, and much more, you’ll come to realize that Richmond Hill is a truly world-class town within moments of being there.     

Observatory Hill is unarguably Ontario’s most breath taking, and inspiring new community. Register today to receive the latest and greatest information regarding this once-in-a-lifetime place and be among the lucky few to give your family a space to live, and a space to learn here.