Do you remember flipping through those old, ornate fairytale books? The words, and wonderful images within them transporting you somewhere whimsical and fantastic? It was a feeling of discovery, and freedom; a true glimpse at childhood and imagination. The places depicted were real enough to make it feel like the stories might just be true. What if you could get back to that feeling? What if you could allow your family to create its own fairytale?

With expansive woodlots, mature trees, incredibly vibrant foliage, and a masterfully designed village, The Arbors in Aurora by CountryWide Homes is truly an obtainable fairytale. The gates of the community are reminiscent of Alice’s journey, or the door to a secret garden; they feel like an entrance to a special place. A place beyond the ordinary, a place that embraces you and your family, and asks you to recall what it’s like to live out your imagination.

Situated in beautiful Aurora, The Arbors feature convenient access to the 404/DVP, great shopping and dining, highly rated catholic and public schools, and ample amounts of protected wooded area and parks to promote healthy, natural living. Due to CountryWide’s incredible attention to building quality, style, customer service and the wonderment and charm of the area, The Arbors is Aurora’s foremost, and most attractive development. Register now, and start your own story.