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Beautiful Mayfield Village in Brampton

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An attractive, sustainable, and pedestrian-focused community, Mayfield Village serves-up a fantastic example of a progressive, and modern Canadian community. It includes a variety of natural features including a valley, a woodlot/wetland, and a naturalized channel intersecting the community from north to south. Mayfield Village is a transit-supportive community too. It features a central transit spine that provides all residents with easy walking distances to all homes, commercial complexes, schools, and parks within the community.


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Mayfield Village| Site Plan

Community Amenities

  • Mayfield Village | Amenties
    Brampton Library
  • Mayfield Village | Amenties
    Heart Lake Conservation Area
  • In, around, or nearby Mayfield Village you’re never too far from convenience. From great local shopping to fantastic big box stores, green spaces, schools, sports facilities, and more, everything you want or need can be found near your community.

  • Mayfield Village | Amenties
    Sesquicentennial Park
  • Mayfield Village | Amenties
    Cassie Campbell Community Centre
  • Mayfield Village | Amenties
    Bramalea City Centre