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All About Warranty

TARION New Home Warranty Plan

CountryWide Homes is a member of Tarion in good standing, and our warranty coverages are in compliance with the Standards of the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. We embrace their standards and support all of our homebuyers in accordance with them.

Tarion is a non-profit organization that watches over the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan, which every new home in Ontario is covered by. They help new homebuyers and builders enroll for warranty coverage. Tarion is in place to ensure the highest standards of construction and development amongst Ontario’s developers.

For more information on Tarion, your warranty or your rights as a homeowner visit www.tarion.com, or click through to read more details about the coverage that CountryWide Homes offers.

Customer Care

Contacting Customer Service

CountryWide Homes is committed to providing you with timely, personalized service. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at customercare@countrywidehomes.ca or 905-907-1500 during our regular business hours, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

What Is Considered an Emergency

CountryWide Homes (in accordance with the standards of Tarion Warranty Corporation) defines an emergency as:

  • (1) Total loss of heat between September 15 and May 15
  • (2) Plumbing leakage that requires complete water shut-off
  • (3) Gas leak
  • (4) Major collapse of any part of the home’s exterior or interior structure
  • (5) Total loss of electricity
  • (6) Major water penetration on the interior walls or ceiling
  • (7) Total loss of water supply
  • (8) A large pool of standing water inside the home
  • (9) Total sewage stoppage
  • (10) Any situation where, in the opinion of Tarion, the home is uninhabitable for health or safety reasons.
After Hours Emergency Contact

If you have a heating, plumbing or electrical or roofing emergency outside of normal business hours, please contact the trade number in the community listing for your area. Please note, our subcontractors have either 24-hour service or a telephone answering system that is checked periodically.